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We want to provide a little sunshine and spice to Central Oregon! Check out our locations in Redmond and Bend!

The idea for The Jerk Kings came about from a friend who is also in the food business here in Bend, OR.  On sampling our jerk pork at a barbecue we hosted, she was so impressed with it that she suggested we should go into business.


The owner of The Jerk Kings, Zoë Ditmore, is a graduate of the Cascade Culinary Institute in Bend, OR and was born and raised in Barbados, a small island located in the SE Caribbean.  Her memories of food are always filled with Caribbean dishes like pickled breadfruit and cucumber, steamed okra, pudding and souse, and of course, jerked meats including chicken and pork.  Many a time, these dishes would be purchased from a street vendor, or out of a van (affectionately known as “Van Food”), which gave her the idea to start a food truck business.


In addition, one of Zoë's family members who hails from Jamaica initiated the jerk pork tradition in the family.  Several Sunday lunches would include this as an appetizer, but several shades spicier to the point where your eyes would water if you were in the near vicinity of the kitchen!


All in all, the “jerk” concept of foods is a delicious one and we hope that you will enjoy our menu selection!

Cute Title

The Jerk Kings trailer being transported from Portland to her future home in Bend OR.  While searching online for food trucks for sale, Zoë came across this one, and it instantly reminded her of a chattel house that is commonly seen in Barbados where she grew up.  Above right is an example of what a chattel house looks like.

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