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What people are saying:

  • "The Taste of Jerk is the most delicious thing I have eaten in a long time!" Paul Spencer, Bend OR
  • "I like the chicken!" Harris, age 10, Bend OR
  • "Very good, nothing like it this side of Jamaica!" Don
  • "Delicious, fresh food with just the right spice - satisfying, filling, super fresh, YUM!" Janna Ekstrom, Bend OR
  • "What a wonderful surprise - I loved the Jerk Wrap, thanks Zoë!" Renee Smit, Bend OR
  • "Food is great!" Robert, Sous Chef, Touchmark, Bend OR
  • "Great flavors, so satisfying.  All the sides were a great mixture of textures." JoAnn Tietz, Cascade Culinary Institute, Bend OR
  • "You have to experience a tast of the Caribbean at The Jerk Kings! The Jerk 'n Slide is a must have, good job my friends!" Susan Baker, Bend OR
  • "Something different in Central Oregon with great flavor and authenticity." Daniel De La Garza, Bend OR
  • "Amazing food and service with a smile." Crystal, Cascade Culinary Institute, Bend OR
  • "This is a great idea and the food is awesome - the Bajan Mac Pie is to die for!" Bernard & Marilyn Smith, Bend OR
  • "Great food, great job!" Chef Julian Darwin, Cascade Culinary Institute, Bend OR
  • "The food is amazing! Good luck with the food cart!" Unknown, Bend OR
  • "Best wishes, we are looking forward to being your customers!" Julie Allen, Bend OR
  • "This is just what Bend needs! Something different and delicious..I will follow this cart around, especially for the Coconut Black Beans!" Suzanne Schlosberg, Bend OR
  • "Great eats! Can't wait until they're open for real!" Anita Stelle, Bend OR
  • "Outstanding! Nice change of pace, great rig.  The word is out!" Marlon, Cascade Culinary Institute, Bend OR
  • "It tasted very healthy which is important.  The cucumbers were fresh and delicious, way to go Zoë! Let us know where you will be." Unknown, Bend OR
  • "I will definitely return to The Jerk Kings to try more of the dishes.  I love the Coconut Black Beans, great stuff!" AnneMarie Hamlin, Cascade Culinary Institute, Bend OR
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